Our Story

Although we left the city behind more than 30 years ago, we never fancied ourselves as farmers, let alone flower farmers.

In fact, even as we learned the ropes of country living, flowers were never on the radar. But here we are, getting our hands dirty and pulling the weeds as we tend row after row of bloomin’ dahlias on our farm, about halfway between Port Hope and Peterborough, Ontario.

In the Beginning

It’s a long story and most of it has to do with my wife, Darlene. Whereas I’m not the adventurous kind, she’s the type who dives into new projects with gusto. It was she who first turned the soil and planted our first vegetable garden. It was she who thought it would be fun to raise chickens. And she was the driving force behind our foray into raising sheep; our flock has never been more than a dozen, but just as Dar predicted, they are a mainstay here on the farm and one of the things that keep us here.

We’re a small rural business

We thank our lucky stars that we get to spend our time bringing all this floral beauty directly to our customers.

Life After Harrowsmith

The other factor at play here is our long association with the now-defunct Harrowmsith Country Life magazine. A national forum on all things rural, it was the go-to source for anyone keen on country living. There, I was the editor-in-chief for 11 years, while Darlene was busy as the food editor. It was my job to come up with ideas for interesting articles and among them were dozens of how-to pieces: how to build a garden arbour; how to build raised beds; how to stack firewood so it won’t collapse in a heap, and so on.

Summersong Farm is Born

Call it an occupational hazard, but when you research and write about these things, it’s tempting to try your hand at it. And thus, we have a garden arbour and raised beds of our own, and we know how to stack wood. Perhaps it was only logical that after writing several times about small, farm-based businesses, we would also give that a go.

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