Our Philosophy

We believe this is the right way to grow flowers: on a small scale; seasonally; naturally; and with heart and soul.

We’re a small, family owned and operated, rural business, and we truly believe that by growing, and harvesting flowers responsibly, we’re doing our part to make the environment, and your home, a happier, and more beautiful place.

What We Do

Here at Summersong Farm, we grow over 200 varieties: big huge dinner plate dahlias; perky pom-poms; a dozen dazzling colours. And there’s more: cosmos, larkspur, peonies, zinnias and a host of other stunning stems. The common denominator is that they all make great cuttings. They have stunning form, colour and texture and most of all, last well in a vase. So that’s our niche: home-grown flowers that make great floral arrangements.

We Believe

This is the way flowers are meant to be appreciated: in a farm setting, under a blue sunny sky.

In The Field

Our flower fields seem to thrive here on the rolling Oak Ridges Moraine. The soil is fertile, leaning toward sandy, with ample amounts of compost added to the mix. The sunshine helps, too. Come summer, there’s a riot of bloom and colour.



2″ – 12″ bloom size

No other flower demonstrates so much variety in the shape, colour and intensity of its blooms.



2″ – 6″ bloom size

With their classic “posey” flower, zinnias are better known for colour, but also come in a wide range of forms.



2′ – 6′ in height

Glads grow from a bulb but unlike tulips and daffodils, the bulbs don’t overwinter in our climate, so they have to dug up in the fall.



1′ to 6′ in height

Most cosmos grow into a wild tangle of lacy foliage which makes it ideal as a filler flower in rustic, informal arrangements.



6″ to 18″ in height

Larkspur is a relative of the delphinium, sharing its spiky form, but the type favoured by most enthusiasts is not nearly as tall.



12″ to 40″ in height

Rudbeckia, or Black Eyed Susan are an essential farm flower. Their sunny shades and dark centres make them instantly recognizable.

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