We’re Farmers With Big Hearts

As farmers we’re committed to growing on a small scale, seasonally, naturally, and with heart and soul.

Located on the rolling Oak Ridges Moraine our flower fields reflect the seasons and the region.

Summersong Farm

Located north of Port Hope, Ontario | hello@summersongflowers.com | 905.342.9093


Although we left the city behind more than 30 years ago, we never fancied ourselves as farmers, let alone flower farmers.


We believe this is the right way to grow flowers: on a small scale; seasonally; naturally; and with heart and soul.


Browse our list of dahlia tubers that are available for sale for this upcoming season.


Visit the Summersong blog for a look into daily life in the country. There you can follow the progress of our flower field, and keep up to date on the latest news and announcements. We’ll also have special features like recipes, from Dar, and tips and tricks with Tom.

Featured Flowers


We love dahlias because they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and textures. Their bloom season is typically mid-summer to first frost. 

WLS – Flower Farm – Aug 9 – 4

Zinnias are a great, hardy cut flower that come in a dazzling array of colours and sizes. 


Cosmos lend a more rustic, informal aspect to an arrangement. Colours run the spectrum from merlot/burgundy to bubble-gum pink to alabaster white.


Larkspur makes a good cut flower, but the reason it is a mainstay in our garden is because it is one of the few flowers that bloom in blue.

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